The retail industry is at the center of a dramatic shift in the way consumers shop and interact with their retailers. After hundreds of years of customers “going to the store,” the store is now, more and more, coming to the customer. Customers, using digital tools and channels, have broken down the retail wall. Today, they demand that retailers be wherever they are: at home, at work, travelling, even just waiting in line. Bellurbis with its expertise and experience can help you cope with this challenge:

1. We deliver end–to-end mission critical transformational programs for leading retailers: this is the foundation of our strategic partnerships.

2. We help retailers transition to an agile, streamlined and managed efficient services operating model, which drives productivity and stability.

3. We leverage our vast experience to deliver efficiency and effectiveness for global retailers.

4. We build solutions that are aligned to industry demands. Leading retailers the world over turn to TCS for customer engagement, mobility, big data and store optimization.

5. We tap our vast innovation network and leverage solutions based on leading technologies (like cloud, big data, and mobility, to name a few).

Our approach to develop solutions for retail are inspired by the following:

When customers know more, they buy more

The goal is to push information out to the opted in shopper – information about products, locations, special events and promotions. By increasing access to information, while hooking the customer to come to or stay in the store, modern retail solutions should keep the shopper from looking elsewhere and ultimately drive in store conversion.

Data Analytics is a must have capability

Mobile devices are engaging shoppers about their needs and desires. In the store, retailers are using mobile technologies to get to know their customers better. All this requires a lot of data, and the necessary mining and analysis to become ‘insights’. We at Bellurbis are experts in Big Data and Data Analytics.

Instant gratification is the retailer’s best friend

Targeted promotions have been shown to increase purchasing at a rate that is four to five times greater than conventional marketing. To encourage spontaneous sales, while fighting showrooming, we recommend retailers to geofence, and leverage technologies such as iBeacon and Passbook.

Boundaries between social media and retails apps are blurring

Smartphones break down barriers between activities, and retailers are doing the same with “social, local and mobile” marketing or SoLoMo. Shoppers use their phones to find stores near their location, tap into social media for feedback about retailers and products, and receive offers and coupons.

Mobile Payments are more efficient for everyone

Mobile PoS terminals can cut average transaction time for cash payments in half, while also processing card payments at least five times faster. Also, the operational efficiencies are potentially dramatic: mobile checkout means far fewer counters in the store, freeing up valuable floor space for more productive uses. Last, but certainly not the least, mobile checkout can improve the customer experience y reducing waiting times and by simplifying coupon redemption. With Apple Pay and Google Waller, mobile payment integrations have also become far simpler than ever before.

Mobile empowered associates may deliver better service to shoppers

When it comes to store operations, mobility is all about productivity improvement. Sales associates armed with tablets are freed from the checkout counters and the stockroom to help the customers on the floor. At the same time, they can see the inventory across all the stores and distribution centers, allowing customers to choose from a wide variety of products. In fact, mobility can reduce inventory costs and stockouts, while expanding the shopper’s choices.

An “app” alone will not do it

Retailers need a comprehensive omni retail strategy to actually avail the maximum advantage provided by digital technologies such as web, social, mobile and data analytics. Social networking is significantly important in developing and sustaining relationships with customers. Shopper segmentation and analytics enables greater relevance and customer intimacy. Cloud helps you scale quickly as you grow. All these pieces need to come together to provide a great experience to the consumers.


Digitail is an end-to-end omnichannel digital retail solution which integrates seamlessly withpoint-of-sale systems (POS), Master Data Management, Payment Services, Loyalty, Social Media and other enterprise applications.

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