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Application Design & Development


USA based group of enthusiastic track drivers came together to ideate this App. There was no such app or solution back in those years.

Android Track Day Mobile App

iPhone/iPAD Track Day Mobile App    interface web services

Their Challenge

The task was to develop Android and iOS apps for Track drivers to collect different data  points across all possible and known Tracks across the globe. The apps supposed to

  • capture the GPS data and calculate the lap times for each session of track.
  • With these data points different dashboard reports and session analysis should be  generated
  • Implement In App Purchase for complex tracks

The Solution

  • Bellurbis team proposed the design after going through the SRS and requirement  discussion workshops
  • Suggested to implement the Learn Track feature wherein new driver (on new  Track) would have the recommended speed values at different points in Track
  • Racers/Drivers able to analyse sessions results and view Track before start and after  back in paddock
  • Compare results across different laps and sector times and graphical representation for quick summary

Following components were delivered as part of this project

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