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Conversational AI

Conversational AI

Our AI driven bots are capable of taking written or spoken requests to handle such processes automatically. They can be trained to handle different types of requests and can be made available 24×7


Customer Relationship Management

Most annoying problem is, they need to handle IT requests such as raising a ticket to the customer problem and then processing  it followed by the tracking of the same

Insurance Department

There are several processes which are time-taking and tedious (like policy quotation, Claiming, Renewable, On boarding, etc.) and need processing which leads to degradation of service

HR Department

HR is expected to have their finger on the pulse of a large employee base while operating with a small team. They rarely have enough time and resources to do justice to their wide range of responsibilities

Educational Institutes

Many students have many problems at a time from different areas like admission, examination, notices, etc. Sometimes it’s impossible to answer them because of a minimal number of representatives to answer them

Challenges Enterprises face with human based interfaces.

Issue relates to the fact that despite well-defined Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), humans tend to deviate from defined processes leading to degradation of service.

Issue relates to the fact that human agents are not available 24 x 7 to handle requests

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Omni Channel

Bellurbis has a range of bots for almost all the available channels ranging from Website to Facebook Messenger, to Phone messenger platforms like WhatsApp, and Personal Assistants like Alexa. This increases your brand presence and directly drives the lead generation for you.


Humans are naturally more comfortable if they converse in their language. Having a lead generation bot in their language increases the lead gen drastically. Bellurbis’s bot supports almost all languages. Its natural language understanding models deliver much better results when it comes to lead generation.


Bellurbis’s lead gen bot also supports automated voice calls – answer visitor’s queries using an AI-enabled voice bot that uses state of the art speech recognition technology.

AI-Powered Lead Gen

Bellurbis’s bot has transformed the way brands engage with customers. Its proprietary NLU models, ML recommendation engines, and omnichannel capabilities deliver a world-class engagement.

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