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ERP Automation Platform

ERP Automation Platform

The ERP Automation Platform was designed with business in mind. With low implementation costs, little to no coding, and smart automation tools that are easy to deploy, manage and use, our cloud-native Automation Platform is transforming how work gets done.

Learn and Improve

We offer a big-picture view of every step in your business process, along with a deep-dive analysis and easy-to-follow recommendations for how to make it better. Best of all, once automations are running, it is constantly anticipating change. If it detects changes to your process, you are notified so you can make decisions about how to best adjust.

Designed to help businesses easily manage complex data systems, the ERP Automation Platform helps businesses consolidate disparate systems into a single platform and get operational data in just hours—without coding. Built from the ground-up, our platform helps uncover the best insights within your data, driving intelligent business decisions and a fast ROI.

Workflow automation solutions, coupled with an ERP system can provide the ability to

Create single, group or multi-tiered approvals

Run parallel or sequential flows

Set up reminders, customizable notifications, and time-outs

Allow users to track task progress

Create KPI dashboards and reports to check the performance

Provide a complete, time-stamped audit trail of all activities

Design dynamic forms with logic

Use flexible, multi-column layouts incorporating CSS

When workflow automation is integrated with your ERP system, you’ll find ERP data to be more accurate and related tasks performed in a more timely manner. In addition, you’ll have a complete audit trail of all activities performed.

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