How Can Staff Augmentation Help Your Business Grow?

Business leaders often look for technological solutions to make their business grow and scale. When it comes to software development or ecommerce website development, outsourcing the project can be a good idea. If you wish to have complete control over your project, consider staff augmentation. Is staff augmentation the right solution? How can one find an ecommerce development company to help you provide the best resources? Is outsourcing software development the best option?

Recruiting one or two or multiple qualified additional employees to meet the diverse business objectives. Companies of all sizes can leverage staff augmentation to add fresh talents or minimize expertise with minimal costs and time.

1. What is Staff Augmentation?

Staff augmentation is a business strategy that involves integration of skilled resources into your established workflow. Instead of hiring new employees and bearing the additional overhead costs, you can choose to hire dedicated resources to solve the immediate business requirements. Small agencies and startups prefer to augment their workforce along with a small team of permanent staff.

2. Why choose IT staff augmentation?

Staff augmentation bridges the gap between the talent pool with extensive skills and the availability of short-term open positions in an organization. Staff augmentation helps businesses enjoy numerous benefits such as faster time-to-market, reduced training costs, flexibility of managing projects, and saving on overhead costs. IT staff augmentation is considered to be a cost-effective method to gain huge business benefits.

Here are some common scenarios where staff augmentation can play a major role:

Case 1: Your in-house team is working on different projects for your clients, and a new project comes in. Your workforce doesn’t have the bandwidth to work on the new project.

Case 2: A new project won by your company needs specialized skills and your current employees don’t possess those skills and expertise. As you do not have enough time to train your employees for the new technology, you choose to hire dedicated resources.

Case 3: One of your employees takes a long absence due to some reasons such as illness or maternity leave, etc., and you do not want this to affect the project deadlines.

Case 4: You have grabbed the opportunity to obtain new projects, and you want to add resources to your team. You can find the right people for the job with staff augmentation and meet the rising needs of your enterprise.

Staff augmentation is all about hiring specialists on part-time or on a full-time basis for shorter long-term projects to ensure the best results and timely delivery. You can get new talents onboard much faster than hiring new employees to train the existing ones.

Team augmentation services involve allocating resources offshore, as an extension of a development team. The client company (the agency that hires such persons) gets complete control to manage the employees and their tasks on a regular basis.

3. Benefits of Staff Augmentation:

  • Adding new skills and expertise
  • Reducing cost of hiring
  • Save training costs
  • Meeting the project deadlines
  • Full control over hired resources
  • Reduce overhead costs
  • How does IT Staff Augmentation work?

Bellurbis offers highly flexible engagement models to help enterprises maintain the right staffing levels for different technological expertise. It takes the following steps to hire dedicated resources.

4. Identify the required skills and number of resources.

First, you need to determine your exact requirements before you start searching for the right candidates to join your team. Define the qualifications and skills you need and find out how many people you need to hire for the projects. Identify the skills and expertise so that you can find the most suitable resources.

5. Review and selection.

Bellurbis has a large pool of developers working on different technologies. We can share the resumes and portfolio of the available developers so that you can review them and make the right choice.

6. Interview

Clients can interview the available candidates and hire the suitable one to match your exact business requirements.

7. Continuous support and transparent communication.

Once the agreement is signed, you’ll be able to communicate with the hired developers on a daily basis. The hired resources would send regular reports to the clients to update them about the progress of their project.

8. Closing Words.

Whether you want to hire resources for an existing project or are looking to expand your horizons, staff augmentation can help you with successful execution of the projects.
Bellurbis has a large pool of talented and experienced professionals to help you achieve your business objectives. Hire our experts and ensure timely delivery of the projects at affordable prices.