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Learning Management Solution

Learning Management Solution

QBis – Smart Learning Platform​

We build effective E-Learning software solutions enhancing the learning experience. This helps users in the documentation, tracking, reporting, and delivery of educational courses, training programs, or learning and student development programs. 


QBis is a world class smart learning platform for use by businesses for training and learning purposes extensively. It is a Learning management solution for Educational Institutes, Corporates, Training centres to provide online access to course content, along with tools for tutor and learner to interact anytime anywhere on any device with compatibility of being mobile responsive.

Corporates can provide the training to Increase productivity with analytical tools to test the employee knowledge and how ready they are to face customers and for the production environment. The platform is known for its easy-to- use and beautifuluser interface, comprehensive set of innovative features, and pricing that provides great value for money. With QBis it’s easy to create great courses that learners will enjoy anytime, everywhere. The team behind conceptualization and development of QBis has more than 50 years of cumulative experience in Education and Technology together.

Technology Used & Performance

QBis platform is a 100% cloud-hosted solution that uses the Amazon cloud for its infrastructure. Every part of our architecture is designed for fault-tolerance and resilience, and built using spring framework on Java which is the most popular and secure software framework for building modern applications.

We perform automatic daily backups for disaster recovery, and these backups are stored in multiple locations for extra redundancy. We use the popular NewRelic monitoring system as well as the AWS console and a 24/7-system administrator to keep our site running well


Learner Engagement

Create Polls, surveys & discussion boards for Learners and fellow Tutors.

Live News Feed

Learners can view various news feeds like Tasks, Events, Course updates, etc


Grading, Scoring and Assessment with only a few clicks

Hassle Free Dashboard

Feature-rich admin dashboard as you would want it with every minute detail accessible with few clicks

Collaborate With Others

Collaborate with fellow Learners from a portal for groups, one to one and one to many messages, courses etc

Document Organizer

Easily manageable and accessible tools with other learning materials aligned to industry standards


QBis provides support for instructor-led, blended and self-paced courses. In a frequently changing environment to update preferences, this is a system to adapt to your needs.


QBis platform is designed in such a way to offer these robust features in multiple languages with just configuration changes. Multilingual capability is in-built in our platform.


Use QBis gamification feature to make a course more captivating and flexible. Define rules for when points and badges should be awarded to learners by doing certain tasks

Question Bank

Administrators can create the question banks for repetitive use. Question banks have proven very convenient when defining courses for students


Provide insights & data about assessment grades, progress report, learner activity, course/assessment status, completion status and resource usage.

Document Storage

Document Storage and Management feature of QBis platform allows administrators to upload, store, review, and track document usage for the instance

Manage Enrolment/Fees

Manage Learners, fees along with enrollment of students and programs

Mobile Enabled

QBis user interface is responsive and it looks great on all devices. In addition we have native apps for iOS and Android as well


Feature provides expert consultation in real-time via chat option with amazing eLearning solutions

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