About The Client

Aavas Financiers Ltd is one of the first Fintech Unicorns from India which is profitable in providing housing loans.

About The Project


  1.  Maintain a competitive advantage in the fast‐moving home loan market.
  2. Automate and formalize its lead generation to loan origination processes which include lead generation, assessment, review, approvals, and loan disbursal.
  3. Digitize the lead management process to reduce the time.
  4. Unifying the leads from different channels to complete the loan origination while increasing the integrity of credit decisions and loan documentation.
  5. Providing all the loan-related information and services to its customers right on their mobile phones.

Our Solution

The Bellurbis team designed and implemented the one-stop solution to manage all the processes and teams – Sales, Call Center, Field Sales and Collections to enhance
and optimize the lead collection process from collection to Loan origination.

End-to-end lead management system process with workflows

Aavas Mobile Customer Application

Bellurbis also developed the Aavas customer app that is targeted for the customers as well as non-customers who are future prospects to increase the visibility of the brand and increase the customer base.
The app offers an existing customer with various features related to its loan like checking loan details, pay EMI, PD, download various documents, refer a friend; to list a few.
For the prospects, the application offers a centralized place to browse through various loan products, apply for a new loan or check application status, search for the nearest branch, calculate the EMIs, etc.

Aavas Mitra – Mobile Partner Application

The Aavas Mitra app designed and developed by Bellurbis aims to simplify the process of referring customers to Aavas. Using the app, Aavas Mitra can track the progress of the loan applications through the app and generate an income by helping people get loans.

Download Aavas Mitra App

Two-way benefit

Technology Used

Java, Springboot, MySQL, JSP, HyberNet, Micro Services, HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery