About The Client

Business Challenges

  • All in one scholarship management software for students & scholarship providers.
  • One click feature that allows you to apply for the most $ in the least amount of time.
  • Decentralized Administration with CMS
  • Customized dashboard and expert advice from students who won millions.

About The Project

Bellurbis developed an all-in-one scholarship platform for students and scholarship providers. We developed a unique platform that allows individuals, businesses, organizations, and corporations to create scholarships for free with tax deductions.    Cultivate talent, serve reviewers, and streamline administrative workflows with online scholarship management software that boosts efficiency for programs of all shapes and sizes. This platform is built on a modern cloud infrastructure with privacy and security features designed to ensure the safety of the data. 


  1. Complete your profile and one-time personal statement.  
  2. See your personalized scholarship matches and start applying! 
  3. Collect your awards
PROVIDERS PORTAL  Build or host your scholarship program from start to finish. Without charging you thousands of dollars. 
  1. Create the award 
  2. Market it to the students 
  3. Review the short-listed applications and choose your winner 
  4. Content Creation: Tell the winner’s story 
  1. Centralized team administration – A single place to keep track of all functions, students, and providers .
  2. A custom dashboard for tracking the status of the applicants, and fundraisers which includes a review management portal with scoring features.
  3. Provide tools for communicating with applicants & evaluators.
  4. Generate reports on key data sets
Did you know?  The average student saves 50-60 hours per month using this platform   Our client using this application software reported saving at least one hour per week, per reviewer. For administrators, savings from the platform doubled—on average, at least two hours per week.