EV Charging Management System

EV Charging Management System

Client Overview

Exicom Power Solutions is a prominent player in power electronics and energy management, specializing in designing, manufacturing, and deploying advanced power conversion and storage systems. They offer a wide range of EV charging solutions, aiming to revolutionize the EV riding experience and promote widespread adoption of electric vehicles. 


– Implement a centralized management system (CMS) to monitor, control, and administer EV chargers and stations. 
– Ensure compatibility and interoperability across different charging station manufacturers and network operators using OCPI protocol. 
– Enable seamless communication and data exchange between charging stations, backend systems, and stakeholders. 
– Support dynamic pricing, billing, and payment functionalities to accommodate diverse business models and tariff structures. 


– Upgrade existing mobile app for domestic chargers. 
– Integrate home charging with public charging, necessitating a new CMS. 
– Conduct extensive research due to the novelty of the Indian market. 
– Develop a new functional flow as the foundation of the CMS. 
– Crucial integration between CMS and Charge Point Operators (CPOs) via OCPI. 

Protocols Used:

– OCPP 1.6 and OCPP 2.0.1 for communication within Exicom network. 
– OCPI for interoperability. 

CMS Modules:

  • Exicom Portal: User, Client, and CPO Management; Charging sessions; Alarms and logs; Charger management; Billing and payments; Role-based access control (RBAC); Tariff Management.
  • Client/CPO Portal: Restricted access as per Customer Support Portal.
  • CRM Portal covering survey, installation, and commissioning of chargers.  role.

Tech Stack for CMS:

Web Frontend
Node js
Web Backend


The Exicom Electric Vehicle Charging Station Management System (EV CSMS) project successfully utilized OCPP and OCPI protocols to develop a robust, interoperable platform. This system enhanced user experience, operational efficiency, and contributed to the growth of sustainable transportation ecosystems

CMS Screens