EV Mobile Application for End User

EV Mobile Application

for End User

SPIN – Empowering Electric Vehicle Charging with a User-Centric Mobile Application

EV Mobile  Application for End User

SPIN – Empowering Electric Vehicle Charging with a User-Centric Mobile Application

Client Overview

Exicom, a leading provider of advanced energy storage and power conversion solutions, recognized the growing need for efficient Electric Vehicle (EV) charging solutions. To address this demand, they partnered with us to develop SPIN, a mobile application aimed at simplifying EV charging for both home and public use


The primary goal of SPIN was to streamline the EV charging process, promoting accessibility, convenience, and sustainability. Our objective was to create an intuitive, user-friendly interface that accommodates various EV models and charging standards, thereby encouraging eco-friendly practices while maximizing user satisfaction

Home Charging Module Features:  

User Registration:
Seamless onboarding process
for new users
Vehicle Addition:
Capability to add and manage multiple
EVs within the app
Utilization of Bluetooth and internet
connectivity for charging
Charging Session Scheduling:
Option to schedule charging sessions

for optimal convenience


Remote Start and Stop:

Ability to remotely initiate and halt
charging sessions
Warranty and Upgrading:
Access to warranty information and
opportunities for charger upgrades
Intuitive Display:
User-friendly interface designed for
ease of use and clarity
Integrated marketplace for purchasing
services or charger components
Smartwatch Integration:
Compatibility with smartwatches for
monitoring and controlling charging
User Tutorials:
Guided tutorials to assist users in
utilizing app features effectively
Payment Gateway:
Secure integration of payment gateways
for seamless transactions
History & Analytics:
Detailed logs and analytics to track charging
history and usage patterns
Self-Diagnostic Feature:
Diagnostic tools for identifying and
resolving charging errors

Public Charging Module Features:  

Location-Based Finder:
Geolocation functionality to discover
nearby charging stations
Charger Search:
Filter options based on charger type,
speed, and kWh
Charging Session Booking:
Reservation system for charging sessions
based on time, kWh, or amount
User Invoicing:
Generation of invoices for charging
Application Wallet:
Integrated wallet for managing
payments and top-ups
Charging Session Screen:
Real-time monitoring of ongoing charging
Charging History and Analytics:
Access to comprehensive charging history and
usage analytics
Payment Gateway Integration:
Secure payment processing for user
User Profiles and Preferences:
Customizable profiles and preferences for
personalized experiences
Support and Assistance:
Access to customer support and assistance for
any queries or issues

Tech Stack for CMS:

Android, iOS
Mobile Apps
Web Frontend
Node js
Web Backend


SPIN has successfully revolutionized the EV charging experience, offering a comprehensive solution for both home and public charging needs. Its user-centric design, coupled with advanced features and seamless integration, has garnered positive feedback from EV owners, contributing to the widespread adoption of eco-friendly transportation practices. With ongoing updates and support, SPIN continues to be at the forefront of the EV charging industry, driving sustainability and convenience for users worldwide

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