About the Client

Our client specializes in innovative and quality patient care, as well as integrating physical, mental and social well-being. They focus on a wide range of health issues, including mainstream healthcare, mental health, behavioral health and public health and offer a well-balanced approach to happier and healthier patients.


Our Solution

Bellurbis designed a web-based Tele video consultation software application that brings together doctors/patients/healthcare/centers/small clinics/labs/remote medical centers with the help of technology which equips remote patients to get diagnosed by doctors and to receive medical aid from healthcare providers. This web portal has multi-functionality and includes various roles/users such as PHC, Doctor, Admin, and Management and also maintains MIS reports and billing. It is a complete solution for tele consultations, remote diagnosis and real-time interactions between patients from distant/ rural/ semi-urban areas and doctors from anywhere across the state/country. 
The Tele video consultation solution includes multiple modules (e.g., electronic medical record “EMR”, video and audio conferencing, integration with medical devices and telemedicine carts for vitals measurements, billing, patient-to-doctor workflow for consultations plus doctor-to-doctor workflow for education and a second opinion).

Innovation at Bellurbis

1. PHC

Primary Health Center that consists of a portal where new patients get registered by filling in all the details by the PHC technician. Once they’re done with all the formalities, the system will automatically generate their Patient ID (unique identifier). Existing patients can directly enroll by disclosing their Patient ID allotted earlier. The PHC doctor will fill in the case details page (symptoms, vitals, medical history, etc.) and refer to the doctor accordingly.

2. Doctor

The dashboard given to the doctor displays all details of the referred patients. Video Consultation can be done easily between every patient and the doctor directly from PHC. Once the video consultation is done, doctors can prescribe the required tests/medicine to the patient. Video call recording can be saved on the server with patient’s case file number.

3. System Admin
  • User will be responsible for Creating/Registering PHC and Doctor.
  • Patient Queue Management – At the time of case file creation, the patient will be assigned to a doctor by the PHC. All subsequent assignments will be done by the system admin.
  • Managing Doctor’s Zone – Moving doctors from one zone to another. This will be handled manually via Doctor Registering Screen.
4. MIS Billing

We have built a unified billing system. Thus, the administrator can generate multiple financial billing reports for:

  • The number of cases being diagnosed and their price.
  • Doctor’s participation percentage and their charge.
  • Detailed views of data and images being stored on the server.
  • Different bills can be generated for PHC, doctors, and patients as well.

All the statistical reporting features are user-defined so that all the users can edit and design new statistical reports anytime.

5. Government Dashboard

This dashboard is accessed and checked by any government employee.

6. Super Admin

Super admin is responsible for creating user database and password management for the MIS users & System admin.

Project Snapshots