About The Project

 A technology driven solution which allows businesses, suppliers, and customers to manage all their monetary transactions with one another using a simple and useful mobile payment solution. 

 Problem Statement  

  • Looking for a digital ledger app for micro, small & medium businesses across India
  • A mobile solution for small businesses to track their customers, suppliers and staff payments
  • Easy access & track business/financial transactions safely and securely
  • Manage all your business ledgers on your smartphone

Our Solution 

Bellurbis designed & developed a digital solution, an android mobile application that provides a common ground for the suppliers, customers and staff members to connect and easily settle their financial transactions.  

This reduces the burden of maintaining records in diaries and books, and enables the small businesses to access their records on their smartphone, whenever and wherever.

This app helps to keep all details of credits and debits for any number of customers across multiple businesses ready and handy on their phones. Furthermore, ZipGrow App also helps its customers sync their transactions automatically, download, share and maintain reports of all the transactions, reap all the benefits of the effective QR code-based payments. 

Additionally, small businesses can send reminders to customers for payments and get reminders about their payments to suppliers and staff. 

  • Track credits given to customers  
  • Track supplier and staff payments  
  • Send reminders to customers for payments  
  • Get notifications about supplier and staff payments 

ZipGrow App Features

Microservice will have the following features:

 Technology Stack

Native Android, Python 3.7, Flask Framework, PostgreSQL 11.0, JWT authentication, PDFKit, JWT, SQLAlchemy