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Senior Citizens Care Solution

Senior Citizens Care Solution

Make Your Elders Life Simple

We know elders love being at home. 90% of an elder’s concerns aren’t about healthcare but about the routine challenges of life. That’s why our approach to elderly care is different. (Product name) offer best elder care services at home right from emergency support, help with errands, lively activities, sensors for home safety, regular health monitoring, access to verified nurses and much more


Help your elders by making their life simple. You create their account on your own device, set up contacts and other data and invite them to use a fully set-up phone by sharing it with an SMS message.

Assist anyone with their application(product name) by logging into your own device with their credentials. The changes you make will be mirrored instantly on their device

Use the phone, calendar, weblinks, notes and reminder functions without ever wondering how  to make it work. A button for emergencies lets you call for help while alerting your family at the same time.

We want to simplify your phone

Place the (product name) icon in the menu bar of your phone for a convenient access to the easier interface. Keep using any other app you like through the home screen.

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