Training & Skill Development

Training & Skill Development

About Bellurbis

Bellurbis Technologies, founded in 2010, is a leading provider of education and training solutions. We empower individuals and organizations to thrive in the ever-evolving tech landscape. Partnering with top colleges, universities, and businesses, we bridge the industry’s crucial skills gap, preparing learners for success. With a proven track record, we pride ourselves on empowering students and professionals across diverse IT domains.

Our mission is simple: We are transforming ideas into reality with cutting-edge solutions and career guidance.

Learning Method

Interactive Online
Learning Platform

In-Person Workshops and Bootcamps

Expert-Led Instructor-Guided Training

Real-World Project-Based Learning

Mentorship and Career Guidance

Our Partners

We collaborate with top universities and colleges to offer a wide range of IT programs tailored to various learning styles and career goals.

Partners' Accolades

We offer Personalized Training and Courses tailored to meet your individual needs and help you achieve your goals.

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Courses Offered

We collaborate with top universities and colleges to offer a wide range of IT programs tailored to various learning styles and career goals.

Short-Term Courses

Certification Courses

Our certification courses help to develop essential skills to meet industry demands and ensure career success.

Diploma Courses

Our diploma courses help to gain specialized, practical training for high-demand fields, paving the way for successful careers.

Vocational Courses

Our vocational courses provide hands-on training for immediate employment in your chosen field.

Industry-wise Curated Specialization Courses

Our curriculum features industry-specific courses tailored to prepare students for success in their fields.

Long-Term Courses

Undergraduate Program

Our undergraduate program combines robust academic curriculum with hands-on experience for a solid foundation.

Postgraduate Program

Our Post Graduate Program provides advanced education and specialized training for career advancement.

Doctorate Program

Our Doctorate Program offers rigorous academic training and mentorship to become leading experts.

Executive (Accelerated Programs)

Our Executive Accelerated Programs offer intensive learning for rapid career advancement, tailored for busy professionals.


Offering flexible learning options to meet your career goals: immersive on-campus programs, fully online programs for convenience and career advancement, and hybrid programs that start online and finish abroad for a comprehensive experience.

On-campus Programs

Become job-ready with top programs Get the necessary training and skills to be job-ready.

Hybrid Programs

Take your learning to the next level Start studies online and complete programs abroad.

Online Programs

Career advancement - 100% online Check out our online programs for career advantage.

Hiring Partners

Welcome to our network of valued hiring partners. We prioritize strong industry connections to equip graduates with skills for today’s job market. Partner with us to access diverse talent ready to excel in your organization.

Strengthening Education

Signed MoU with Central Highland University, Dak Lak Province, Vietnam.

Through this partnership, Bellurbis and Central Highland University will work together to improve education, offer personalized training and courses, and promote innovative ideas. We believe this collaboration will make our institutions stronger and greatly benefit education in Vietnam and beyond.

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